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Newest Video: Boooogie Song

Posted In Live Playing (Personal Videos) by Dave Gregory 7/23/2017 8:37:31 PM last updated by Dave Gregory

Boooogie Song


TBI recovery series.

Despite this being a "Blues" in (E), a banjo is used for some of the fiddly bits of this song.

Here is an attempt at coordinating my fingers and different video/audio trax, into something resembling music. My fingers are still clumsy, and don't respond with the subtlety that they used to, I can strum on the down stroke more or less on time, but, the picking smoothly, or fast with "rolls" is still eluding me at this time.

In my opinion, banjo playing in the Scruggs style, kind of needs some finger dexterity, . . . . . . . in my opinion.

As of the recording of these trax, it's been 2 years and 16 days since a truck hit me while I was riding my bike to the store one morning. Truck Vs banjo player ------ June 29th 2015

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